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How did you first start getting your name out?

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In the very beginning it was just word of mouth: I told my friends and family. But it wasn’t until I got more into social media, flickr specifically, that my photos started reaching a wider audience. In 2009 I moved to Santa Cruz and began shooting tons of seascapes. Around the same time my dabblings on flickr taught me to be a brutal self-editor and to only post my absolute best work. As I put that into practice I started to gain a reputation as a solid seascape photographer. That was the beginning and I’ve been building on it from there by continuing to post only my best work online, and also by teaching. Doing that has helped me move into a position where people regard me as an expert, which helps me reach a much broader audience of photographers trying to improve their skills, as well as non-photographers who just like good landscape photos.

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