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Do you use filters?

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Sure do! I stack at least 3 UV filters on every single one of my lenses for maximum protection. Nothing is going to damage those babies! In truth, for many years my go-to setup comprised a 3-stop and a 2-stop soft, drop-in GND filter. But nowadays I’m shooting with a Nikon D850 and the dynamic range is so excellent I often find that GND filters aren’t needed. These days when I slip on a filter it’s very likely a 10-stop or 6-stop solid ND so that I can introduce some long exposure effects to my photos. After all, if a short exposure is good, then surely a long exposure is better, right?

I also keep a polarizer in my bag but I very rarely use it for landscape work. And that’s simply because I don’t want to suffer the slings and arrows of uneven polarization across my frame if I’m using a wide angle lens. Not to mention I frequently shoot right at the sun (take that, sensor!) and so the polarizer wouldn’t have an effect anyway. But for waterfall work, or rivers, streams, forests, and some telephoto shots I’ll definitely slap the polarizer on there.

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