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Can you talk about your post-production workflow?

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For me, post production is an extension of the image-making process. I am actively trying to showcase certain features of a landscape that I find striking. My philosophy mimics caricature: simplify and exaggerate. Meaning that when I compose in a certain way to highlight part of the landscape, I will then attempt to further highlight that element in post. For example, if I love the contrast a shaft of light is making on a mountainside, I will enhance that contrast further in post. If I love the purple color of a flower, I will make it more purple in post.

But in more specific terms, my post workflow involves importing raw files into Lightroom, and doing as much development of the images as possible there. In fact, the only reason I bring an image into Photoshop these days is if I need to blend exposures, or do highly-tuned local adjustments.

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