Chapter 2, Part 1 – Color Channel Selections

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This is an amazing lesson and the techniques are just great. I watched this chapter a few days ago and then again a day later and thought I’d grasped all of the information. However, when I went to try this out for myself using my own images it didn’t quite come together. So I went back again to this chapter but this time I downloaded the tree photo and slowly followed along each step of the way. It took much longer for me to work my way through the steps than it did to watch the video but my understanding was richly rewarded – much more than just watching the video. As the lessons and chapters become more advanced the further into this module we go, I now know that the best way for me to learn the skills being demonstrated is to first watch the video through to get a good overview of what it’s about and then download the sample images and go through the video again stopping along the way (rewinding if necessary) so that it all sinks in. Fantastic stuff Josh and I’m really looking forward to the coming chapters!

Josh Cripps (Administrator) July 6, 2021 at 1:48 pm

Hey Alwyn,

So glad you are enjoying this material! It can be pretty esoteric stuff, but for those who want to put it to use it’s very powerful. I hope it serves you well going forward!


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