Ninja-Level Detail Editing in Photoshop

Lesson Chapters

1. Course Overview


Course Overview

2. Chapter 1, Part 1 – Fundamental Selection Skills


Learn the most vital skills for creating selections, understand how selections behave and interact with one another, and lots of workflow and keyboard shortcuts for dealing with selections.

3. Chapter 1, Part 2 – Basic Selection Tools


Understand the selection tools which are built into Photoshop and which are most useful for landscape photography. Learn to refine masks and selections, adjust individual sections of an image and create instant selections with Quick Masking.

4. Chapter 2, Part 1 – Color Channel Selections


Learn to use color channels to easily create intricate, detailed selections and masks. Understand the principles of good selections and novel techniques for refining masks even further.

5. Chapter 2, Part 2 – Editing Masks Non-Destructively


More applications of the color channel selections technique. Learn how to preserve masks non-destructively to edit and re-edit without having to start over.

6. Chapter 3, Part 1 – Light/Dark Contrasts and Apply Image


Learn how to use light/dark tonal contrasts to create intricate selections and masks with the Apply Image command. Target and refine masks for editing precision.

7. Chapter 3, Part 2 – Alpha Channel Selections (Luminosity Masks)


Understand how to create light and dark alpha channels / luminosity masks to target specific tonal regions for precise and repeatable image adjustments.

8. Chapter 3, Part 3 – Putting It All Together


Utilize the many techniques learned in the tutorial for a final, comprehensive image editing experience.

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