Effortless Exposure Blending

Lesson Chapters

1. Course Overview


Course Overview

2. Chapter 1 – Basic Exposure Blending


Learn to use layers and masks for simple exposure blending. Learn an easy, straightforward blending technique that works for 90% of images.

3. Chapter 2 – Blending in Specific Elements and Dealing with Movement


Learn to blend in a single bright element, like a sunburst as well as match color and tone seamlessly. Learn a simple approach to dealing with objects that move between exposures.

4. Chapter 3 – Complex Blending Using Alpha Channels


Learn to use Alpha Channels (also known as Luminosity Masks) to easily create intricate, detailed masks for complex blends. Seamlessly blend darker skies around complex objects like tree branches.

5. Chapter 4 – Complex Blending Using Apply Image


Achieve the exact same results as in Chapter 3 but via a different -often simpler- technique called Apply Image.

6. Chapter 5 – Blending in Shadow Detail


Apply the techniques learned so far to an opposite case where we blend in shadow detail instead of highlight detail.

7. Chapter 6 – Blending 3 or More Photos


Use the techniques learned so far to combine three photos in a situation with extreme dynamic range.

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