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The true power in Photoshop lies in being able to edit with layers and masks. In simplest terms, layers allow you to edit your images non-destructively so that any changes you make can be reversed or modified at any point in the future. Masks allow you to apply image adjustments like curves or saturation selectively to different parts of your images as you see fit. Understanding layers and masks in Photoshop also allows you to combine multiple photos into one image for improved dynamic range.

What You’ll Learn

This course is broken into 3 chapters for easy digestion, and includes three full-res photos for you to edit along with the video:

  • Chapter 1 – Adjustment Layers, 18 min: Learn how easy it is to create Adjustment Layers for true nondestructive editing. Understand which adjustments are the most important and most powerful when processing your nature photos.
  • Chapter 2 – Layer Masks, 18:30 min: Understand the concept of Masking and how it is used for targeted, reversible local editing. Understand which tools are the best for creating masks, as well as great mask tips and tricks.
  • Chapter 3 – Combining Photos, 22:30 min: The power of Layers and Masks not only lets you adjust your photos non-destructively but also combine separate photos to use the best parts of each image. Learn how to layer two individual photos, blend them into one master image, and how to edit each part of the master image individually.

Copyright Info

All content provided in this tutorial is copyright me, Joshua Cripps. Please use the enclosed photos only for your own education. That is, don’t upload the photos to Facebook, flickr, Instagram, 500px, or any other similar service, because that would make me sad.

Thanks again and enjoy the tutorial!


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