Waterfalls and Waves

Four Mile Beach sunset, Santa Cruz, California

Taken north of Four Mile Beach, Santa Cruz, California on April 9th, 2010 Just north of Four Mile Beach there’s an interesting shelf with a neat rock formation. When the tide is right the waves come in, crash against the shelf, and send jets of foamy wash around the rock to cascade back into the […]

Poseidon’s Drive-In


Taken in Wilder Ranch State Park, Santa Cruz, California, on March 30th, 2010. Poseidon, the god of the sea, has a pretty sweet 100,000-inch movie screen with a trillion watt projector which plays all your favorite hits.  He’s got a pretty sweet sound system too and man, when the bass is booming you can feel […]

Shimmering Salmon Sands

Hole in the Wall Beach sunset, Santa Cruz, California

Taken at Hole in the Wall Beach near Santa Cruz, California on January 7th, 2010 The far south end of Hole in the Wall Beach is a wonderland of rocky formations, shelves, gaps, and holes. I initially intended to shoot an extremely long, narrow channel in the rocks, but after a few snaps I decided […]

Cathedral Peak

Cathedral Peak, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park

Read The Story Buy A Print The Story Behind This Photograph: Taken at Upper Cathedral Lake, Yosemite National Park on August 30th, 2009 Living and working at sea level makes life tricky in the high country. Even though this was my second day of backpacking at the Cathedral Lakes, and should have been somewhat acclimated […]

Lofty Heights

Chiswell Islands and jagged mountains in Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska

Taken near the Chiswell Islands, Resurrection Bay, Alaska, on August 16th, 2009 Alaska is one of those surreal places of the planet: a place that has scenery so breathtaking it seems impossible. The peaks in Resurrection Bay aren’t particularly high, but their sharp spires and glacier-covered flanks make them seem unassailable. I wanted to enhance […]

Aleutian Afternoon

Gareloi Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Taken near the summit of Gareloi Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska on July 23rd, 2009 A slog. That’s what the trek up to the top of Gareloi Volcano was: a vertical mile of knee-high grass, treacherous talus, and shifting snow. And despite my group’s steady pace, the summit never seemed to get any closer. When we […]

The Thing!

South Africa Desert Tortoise, Great Karoo National Park, South Africa

Taken in Karoo National Park, South Africa, on September 13th, 2008 Camping towards the very end of a trip to South Africa, I woke up one morning to find the campground being besieged by desert tortoises, who were there to feast on the campground’s grassy areas. This particular tortoise had more things on his mind […]

End of a Dusty Trail

Taken in near the northern border of Kruger National Park, South Africa September 2nd, 2008 There are few better places to spend your birthday then Kruger National Park, which is absolutely teeming with African wildlife. And there are few better ways to spend your birthday than scanning a river in search of hippos, only to […]

Banner Peak over Garnet Lake

Banner Peak over Garnet Lake, John Muir Trail, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains

Read The Story Buy A Print The Story Behind This Photograph: Taken at Garnet Lake beneath Banner Peak in the Ansel Adams Wilderness on July 27th, 2008 Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine how beautiful certain places on the planet can be. Garnet Lake in the high Sierra, with its clear, clean waters, pond-studded granite peninsulas, […]

Nugget Point

Nugget Point sunset, The Catlins, New Zealand

[av_heading heading=’Behind the scenes of this photo’ tag=’h3′ color=’custom-color-heading’ custom_font=’#949494′ style=’blockquote classic-quote’ size=” subheading_active=” subheading_size=’15’ padding=’0′ av_uid=’av-2rnsj4′][/av_heading] Taken at Nugget Point in the Catlins, New Zealand, on October 16th, 2007 It almost didn’t sound worth visiting. The guidebook described Nugget Point something like “a few large rocks in the water, and nearby there’s a spot […]

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