Of Hike-a-Thons and Toes

All things considered, the toe is a minor body part. In my day…

5 Awesome Layer Mask Tricks You Didn't Know

Layer Masks are some of the most useful and powerful tools…
Island Pass, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Island Pass Timelapse

Island Pass in the Ansel Adams Wilderness under during an…

Salt Spring Sprung

Taken at an unnamed spring near Furnace Creek, Death Valley…
Cathedral Rocks and Merced River in Winter, Yosemite National Park

Temple of Snow

Taken from the banks of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley…


Taken in the Marie Lakes Basin in the Ansel Adams Wilderness…

Lyell Twilight

Taken deep in the Lyell Canyon in Yosemite National Park…
Josh Cripps' Support for Epic Experience

Adventure4Life Epic Experience Challenge

Those who know me know that I love a good adventure. But…