Yosemite Valley View Winter Sunrise

Gates of Winter

Taken in Yosemite Valley at Valley View on December 29th, 2012 I…
Shawarma in Ulaan Bataar Mongolia

Top 5 Meals of My Life

For Christmas this year I got a renewed subscription to NatGeo,…
Mongolian horse riders in the steppe

A Mongolian Princess and the Myth of Saving Time

I have a huge problem: I'm constantly trying to save time. Everything…
Tropical skies and birds, Hawaii

Lamenting the Loss of Eloquence

I'm a positive guy, not normally prone to complaining. But today…
NASA's Black Marble photos: Earth at Night

The Black Marble

Since I am an ex-aerospace engineer it can be safely assumed…

Ask a Photographer, Part 3

Got a question about photography, adventure, travel, or anything…